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Chair - BodyPods

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My work

The brief

We were commissioned to design and make 6 ‘pods’ in which audience members sit and listen to podcasts about the human body by various artists and scientists. The pods were designed to echo the subject matter whilst providing a private space to listen to the podcasts.

Some of the pods are currently touring the country and some have a permanent home. Venues include:

• Battersea Arts Centre • Camden People’s Theatre • UCL Ear Institute • Roundhouse • Unity Theatre (Liverpool)

for more details click on the link:


Please feel free to visit them and have a listen.

Maker's notes

This was an interesting project as we got to use our vacuum press to form the cylinders (we don't get to use it much so when we do it's always fun!). We also discovered the incredible pressure we could generate with it - we crushed the 1st mould when we left the press on too long! Having over-come this little mis-hap we went on to make some chairs that are interesting to look at and use but were also, quite comfy.


Laminated MDF and birch ply


BAC, Roundhouse & on tour

'I’ve been meaning to email you for a while with some photos of the listening stations in action! They’re looking absolutely brilliant, and we’re getting great feedback from venues and audiences, so thank you for all your work on them. Thus far they have been at BAC, Roundhouse, UCL Ear Institute, Camden People’s Theatre, Unity Theatre in Liverpool and Warwick Arts Centre.' Best Wishes Christina