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Kitchen - Spray finish

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My work

The brief

Design and build a new modern kitchen.

Maker's notes

Working with the other trades is always a juggling act but this project went well and we were able to organise the schedule to suit everyone (including of course the client!)


Birch ply interiors spray painted MDF exteriors with a corian worktop


Dulwich, South East London

"I would consider myself very demanding and I can honestly say that your work exceeded my expectations. You told me you would match top end quality at mid range price and I think you have done better than that with impeccable attention to detail. The result is both beautiful and functional. One thing I particularly liked was additional detail that I would not have thought of such as the concealed draw above the bins (brilliant). Finally it was all done with minimum disruption, you always kept me informed and delivered to your deadlines. That matters a lot to a busy working person. I would be happy for potential customers to see what you achieved both with cupboards in the living room and with the kitchen. I would recommend you (I have) and I would come to you first for work in future." GM