Made by Tom Bruce

Bespoke furniture and heirlooms

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How it works


Once you have contacted me, I’ll come and do a site visit to look at the context, take some rough measurements and discuss your needs and develop the design with you.

Within a week I will email you a quote.

If you like what I propose and want to go ahead with the piece / pieces, I ask for a deposit of 25% of the fee. On receipt of this I will come and take some finer measurements and will supply more detailed drawings and specifications. At this point we can also discuss any changes you would like to make.

Once we have the design and specifications agreed and you are happy with the drawings I have supplied, I will start work on your piece. I try to do as much of the construction as possible in the workshop to minimise the impact on you in your home. On average I spend a few weeks in the workshop making each piece of furniture but only a day fitting it in your house (depending on the complexity of the project).

Subsequent payments are as follows: 50% of the fee is due immediately before commencement of the work and the remaining 25% due on completion to your satisfaction.